About conference

Dear Sirs,

The Croatian Water and Wastewater Group invites you to its traditional annual professional-business conference with international participation, which will be held this year in Vodice, October 7-11, under the traditional name:


This year, as every year, the Croatian Water and Wastewater Group is organizing a professional and business conference that has been recognized as a central annual event in the water industry for years and as such represents an inevitable opportunity to get acquainted with the situation in the water supply and sewage sector, as well as with news, achievements and opportunities for further development.

For more than 20 years, experts from many European countries have been gathering to address the issues of water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment. Therefore, this gathering has become much wider recognizable than only in the Republic of Croatia and as such it is one of the most important gatherings of this kind in Europe.

In addition to authors of technical papers from Croatia and the surrounding countries, there is a continuous increase in interest from foreign authors from a wider area of ​​Europe, year after year. In this way, through presentations of technical papers from different fields of the profession, the general public is informed about the latest achievements and experiences in the development and management of water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment. The largest share in the expert part of the conference consists of technical papers provided by authors from Croatia, which thus proves the fact that water management, especially the area of ​​water supply and sewage, is one of the most developed fields in the total economy of the Republic of Croatia, and that the knowledge and experience of Croatian colleagues is at the same level, as the one of their colleagues from other parts of Europe.

This year again the central events at the Conference will be the thematic roundtables, where experts from certain professional fields will discuss the most current topics with all the colleagues present, bring the topic closer to the general expert public, and thus encourage further preparation activities and the implementation of legislation and regulations.

In addition to the thematic round tables and expert presentations, lectures and discussions, the accompanying events, various business presentations and presentations of a wide range of products and services in the field of water supply and sewage are of great importance for this event. In this way, manufacturers, dealers and contractors in direct contact with the users of such products and services cooperate and present their novelties. As in previous years, this generally accepted practice continues this year, too, and again a large number of exhibitors are expected, to present their products and services, as well as various related activities.

After many years of preparation, in the wider area of ​​the Republic of Croatia, numerous investments are underway in water management, co-financed by EU funds, which, in accordance with EU directives, aim to significantly increase the standards of water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment. Such an investment booster represents certainly one of the largest development cycles in the Republic of Croatia in history. Accordingly, it is to be expected that projects and investments in progress will be presented at the Conference, with the aim of informing the expert public about the achievements and plans for the forthcoming period.

Also, a number of activities are underway aiming to improve the entire water sector and increase the standards of end users, while moving closer to the goals and achievements that Croatia wants to achieve, as a full member of the European Union. Most of this refers to a very important legislation area which has been intensively changing and adapting to EU requirements in recent years, and is directly related to the business and organization of public water service providers. Complex reform processes in the water sector of the Republic of Croatia are already underway, with the main goal of strengthening the capacity of public suppliers as a basis, in order to implement concrete and demanding investments in this sector, as well as later high quality and effective management of the already built systems of water supply, sewage and wastewater treatment.

All of the above issues will certainly mark this year's Conference, and thus contribute to the further development of the entire sector, and enable the general expert public to gain insight into the situation and perspectives that await us in the years to come.

Below is an overview of the thematic units foreseen for the collection of expert papers and the implementation of the expert part of the Conference. The aforementioned thematic units will form the backbone of the professional part of the conference, that is, the expert presentations; of course papers from other expert fields are also welcome.

The Organizing Committee


Thematic units

The foreseen thematic units at this year's Conference are as follow:


We believe that the proposed topics of this year's expert Conference will stimulate the interest in presenting these issues, and therefore represent an invitation and challenge to the authors and provide at the same time an interesting framework for active participation in the expert part of this meeting. We hereby invite all interested parties to enrich the programme agenda of the conference with their participation, and thus contribute to the further development of the given topics.

We cordially invite the representatives of public water companies, university professors and lecturers, heads of ministries, departments and Hrvatske vode, planners, architects, engineers, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and installations, institutes and inspection bureaus. This highly competent profile of participants is expected to offer its contribution to the above agenda, thus enhancing the overall exchange of knowledge, ideas and information in this field

The Organizing Committee

Tentative programme
Wednesday, 7. 10. 2020.
16:00 - 20:00Arrival, accreditation and accommodation
Thursday, 8. 10. 2020.
09:00Opening of the Conference
09:30 - 10:15Introductory presentations for the 1st round table
10:15 - 11:451. round table
11:45 - 12:15Coffee break
12:15 - 13:00Introductory presentations for the 2nd round table
13:00 - 14:302. round table
16:00 - 19:00Business activities in the exhibition area with presentations
Friday, 9. 10. 2020.
09:00 - 14:00Technical and business presentations
16:00 - 19:00Business activities in the exhibition area with presentations
20:00 - 23:30Gala dinner
Saturday, 10. 10. 2020.
10:00 - 22:00A day-long field visit
Sunday, 11. 10. 2020.
End of the Conference

Submission of papers (or download PDF)

Due to situation with COVID-19 deadline for submitting technical papers is moved to 15. june 2020.

Technical and other papers should be sent to the technical organizer, the Revelin Tourist Agency.

Along with the application, it is necessary to submit a summary of the paper of up to 100 words, with names, titles and addresses of the author and co-authors. The title and summary should be in both Croatian and English language.

The editors of the conference proceedings will sort all received technical papers based on their title and summary, according to the foreseen thematic groups.

The submission of the technical papers with summaries should be sent until: 15th june 2020.

Fully papers should be sent until: 7. august 2020.

All accepted papers will be published in the Book of Proceedings and on a CD


The technical papers must contain the following: If the authors wish to submit the full paper also in English, it will be published on the CD containing all the conference papers and in the printed Book of Abstracts.

The deadline for the submission of the technical papers in English language is 7th August 2020.

If desired, the Revelin agency will provide translation of the papers according to a special, lower price.

Conference fee

The conference fee is 1.950,00 Kn (including VAT), that is 265,00 € if paid until 15.09.2020. For submissions received later than that date, i.e. from 16.09. onwards, the conference fee shall be 2.350,00 Kn (including VAT), or 320,00 €

Conference fee shall be paid by all participants of the Conference, irrespective of the number of days booked or the number of participants from a single company or institution.

The Conference fee must be paid before arrival for accreditation in the hotel.

The conference fee comprises the following:

* It applies to the participants of the Conference who will be staying in the hotels based on the Revelin arrangement.

Participants who have booked and arranged their accommodation themselves pay additional for the gala dinner.

The participation on this professional-business Conference ensures the receipt of points for professional training in civil engineering and machine engineering.


From Croatia:
IBAN: HR 4123600001101461113
(the name of the participant is mandatory, as well as the number received on the proforma invoice)

From abroad:
Zagrebačka banka d.d.,
Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb
SWIFT: ZABA HR2X, Revelin d.o.o. Ičići
IBAN: HR 4123600001101461113
(The banking fees for transaction shall be borne by the participant)


Applications for participation and hotel booking (download PDF)

Calculating with an arrival of 700 guests, the accommodation will be organized within the Olympia Vodice d.d. Hotel in Vodice. The priority in hotel booking will be given to those guests who will use a three-day or four-day package and who will confirm the reservation of their hotel booking together with payment until 15 th September 2020.

Application for participation and hotel booking is possible on the web site of Revelin and also with a clearly typed and signed application form which can be sent to Revelin by e-mail or fax. The application serves as a Contract on the purchase of the given package and it is on the basis of the application form that the proforma invoice comprising accommodation costs and conference fee shall be sent to the participants.

A written cancellation of the hotel booking at no charge is possible until 15 th September 2020. After this date, a cancellation fee in the amount of one night's stay shall be invoiced.

Hotel Olimpia Sky (The prices are in €)
Full package per person Single room Double room
1 night10387
2 nights205173
3 nights295240
4 nights373313
Hotel Olimpia (The prices are in €)
Full package per person Single room Double room
1 night9380
2 nights193160
3 nights265220
4 nights330265

The tourist tax and VAT are included in the price.

Participants who have booked and arranged their accommodation themselves pay additional for the gala dinner.

In case of cancellation of the reservation without a timely written notification to the Congress and Tourist Agency REVELIN, we shall charge the cost of one night's stay.

Please fill out the registration form for each person individually, and to send it by email, post, fax or online registration form, which can be found on our website www.revelin.hr. Registrations will be accepted as long as rooms are available at the hotel.

Key dates
15. 6. 2020.submission of technical papers containing title and summaries (in Croatian and English)
07. 8. 2020.submission of full text of the papers
15. 9. 2020.confirmation of hotel booking by payment
until 15. 9. 2020.payment of the conference fee (1.950 kn / 265 €)
from 16. 9. 2020.payment of the conference fee (2.350 kn / 320 €)
until 15. 9. 2020.cancellation of hotel booking at no chargee
until 28. 9. 2020.submission of full presentations in Power Point
Business presentations

Do not miss the opportunity to present yourself on the biggest and most important professional-business Conference in Central and Southern Europe on the topic of drinking water supply and wastewater treatment. Your audience will be around 700 leading persons from the area of water management.

The companies which decide to present themselves at the Conference by means of the sponsorship contract, shall have a free advertising space for a brief presentation of the company, or its products and services on the joint marketing DVD. This DVD shall be distributed to all participants at the Conference.

Sponsors of the Conference have a status of full-fledged participants and are obliged to pay the conference fee.

Any type of commercial activity shall take place in accordance with the special Contract signed with the organizer and with an official accreditation.

The marketing programme and the price list can be obtained from the Revelin Agency.